Lead actress Jane Lyle in a still from the movie Island of Death.

In Island of Death, Jane Lyle plays a serial killer with a heart of gold.

Island of Death (1976)

🐐 This movie would be a great travel promotion for a sleepy Greek island if it wasn’t for all the blood.

Mastorakis said he made Island of Death because he wanted to out-do the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It certainly has more sex and different violence, but the idyllic setting and the perfectly charming locals tend to defuse the situation a lot. Shocking in its time for the violence and sexual perversion, modern audiences will be more distressed by the film’s contempt for homosexuals, black people, and older women with a functioning libido.

If you watch this, watch it for Jane Lyle. Lyle is the female half of the serial-murdering couple. She brings to her role more complexity than you might expect. Also watch for a painful director cameo; he’s a nosy novelist who can’t remember his lines.